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Signing in to Google Play Store | 3 Fast Steps



On Android devices, Google Play Store operates via your Google Account. This means that you need to connect it first. 

In this article, we assume that you already have the login information mentioned above.

  1. Open “Settings”

    How to sign in to Google Play Store

    Swipe up on your device to access the settings app on the screen. Once you open it, navigate to the “Accounts” page. Here you’ll see all the accounts you already have on the device.

  2. Click “Add Account” and follow the prompts

    How to sign in to Google Play Store

    Once you’re on this page, you can click the “Add Account” below the signed-in ones. You’ll be redirected to a login page. Use your existing Google email and password and follow the prompts.

  3. Add more accounts as you need

    How to sign in to Google Play Store

    Whether you’re using a tablet intended for the whole family, using an emulator like Bluestacks on PC, or have more than one Google login for some reason, you can add more than one email to one device. Switching them from the app is as easy as clicking on the account dropdown menu and selecting the other.

Use your device to its fullest

If you own an Android smartphone, having the Play Store installed and logged in is like air and water. Whether you’re downloading new productivity apps or play games, this app is the official source of all goodness for Android.

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